There are a lot of myths about CRM.

“Too technical”; “I am too busy to think about it”; “Another overhead and it costs money.”

The truth is that sooner or later you will be swamped. You won’t have your finger on all the details about all your Clients. You might eventually lose potential sales. If you only sell to a few customers Excel Spreadsheet might suffice for you. However, as you grow and your sales are more complex, having a lead capturing system will deliver many benefits. Find out more below.

Focus on Prospects that will convert

Nobody likes Cold Calling. And neither do your prospects. CRM will help you to identify prospects with clear buying signals. In CRM we call this lead scoring. Focus your sales on just the highest scored prospects.

Boost your Business Value

If implemented right, CRM will boost the value of your business. Investors will clearly see your pipelines, conversions, templates and automation. Your business buyer doesn’t want you bundled in with the sale: they want to see all your knowhow clearly mapped in a streamlined process. They want ROI.

New Employee Handover

Staff turnover is inevitable but it costs SMEs £12,000 on average to replace an employee. Get your Marketing and Sales playbooks right and reduce staff training costs

Loyalty Building Program

It costs at least 7 times less to sell to existing customers than attracting new ones.
Reward B2C customers who spend more with you. Capture sales amount per customer and once they reach a certain threshold move them to a loyal customer list. Provide discounts or perks, retain customers and increase sales.

Recurring Customers

Do you receive regular payments from clients? Set up a pipeline to automate payment reminders, card payment problems and more to save more time on repetitive tasks.

Be More Human

Build loyalty. Capture data to personalise your message.